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mary-kate olsen fans on lj!

Here you will find just about everything you need on Mary-Kate. We bring you the lastest news, photoshoots, updates, and much more on Mary-Kate. Please help us in growing so much more by joining the community today! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT AN EATING DISORDER COMMUNITY! This is just a Mary-Kate community. If you would like a list of the Olsen eating disorder communities [or any MK&A community, for that matter], check HERE.
No rudeness, and no drama.
Keep everything on topic [which is, of course, Mary-Kate]. This being said, you can post just about anything having to do with MK: information, pictures, icons, banners, layouts, etc. As long as it's Mary-Kate/Mary-Kate & Ashley goodies, you're good to go.
Please do not post any e-mail addresses, myspace sites or anything along those lines that you think are actually Mary-Kate's. As excited as most MK fans would be to know her personal life, we must respect her privacy.
Please do not post "thinspiration" or anything promoting eating disorders.
All posts are friends only, and large posts and pictures under a lj cut.
Promotion is allowed, but only if it's Mary-Kate related, or if your community is an affiliate.
Give credit when taking people's graphics. If they ask you to credit, then credit! Don't know how? Ask. I or someone else will show you.
When you join, post an introduction and a Mary-Kate picture you like. This is optional, but it's just always a new way to introduce yourself and say "hi".
Please try and stay active.
If you're wondering where we get our Mary-Kate updates click HERE.

more banners can be found at the OFFICIAL PROMO ENTRY.
Go HERE if you have any questions or concerns about the community.
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